Born in Argentina, Dario Di Stefano was raised in the quaint suburb of Wilde within the grand Buenos Aires.Upon finishing his pre-baccalaureate certification as a technician in electronics he went on to study Electro-acoustic Music Composition at UNQUI (Universidad Nacional de Quilmes) in Buenos Aires. Concurrently, Dario studied Music and Percussion at the music conservatory; Conservatorio del Teatro Roma de Avellaneda (Buenos Aires). It was during this time and within his studies of music and arts that he discovered his passion for photography.At the age of 24 Dario relocated from Argentina to Boca Raton, Florida. Speechless upon seeing the beauty and natural landscapes of Florida he decided to pursue his love of photography and further his studies by completing Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Photography levels at Miami Dade College.During his extensive travels back to his country he welcomed opportunities to continue his Photography education and has taken several courses on Social Events Photography, Studio Photography and Advanced Photoshop in Buenos Aires, Argentina.Currently, Dario is a Freelance Photographer for several companies and is working to build his clientèle by placing customer service and client happiness above all else.
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